Red Mountain, CO (August 18, 2007)

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 1

Rich met me at my house and we rode off at 3:58AM! Yes, I did keep waking up all night with great anticipation of the adventure that we were about to begin. Our first challenge was the weather. I heard about the weather front that was going to generate storms between here and Chicago. Of course, that was the direction we had planned to travel. We decided to take a more southern route across WV, OH, IN, and IL. We avoided the rain but it was hot, hot, hot. We are on a mission to get to Rapid City, SD by Friday night. Well, seventeen hours later we are in Moline, IL and 887 miles from home. We’ve checked in a motel for the night. No time for pictures today (not much to see anyway). It’s time to get some sleep so that we can start it all over again tomorrow – another 800+ miles to go. Z z z z z z z z. . .


Tommie Galloway said...

Hope every thing is going well. Would gladly change weather with you. It is too cold in CA for me. I thought I was getting away from Chitown to some nice weather. Ha! Travel safe and tell Rich hello. your home girl Tommie

Crystal said...

You should probably call your daughters to check in EVERY day.