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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crazy Horse Mnt and Mt Rushmore

Well, I need to catch up with posting for yesterday and today. Yesterday was a leisure day. We only traveled a total of 60 miles, the distance from Rapid City to Sturgis and back – what a pleasant change. Apparently attendance at the rally was down this year. For us that was a good thing. We actually found a shady spot to watch and photograph the crowd. Every biker needs to experience this rally at least once. When we returned to Rapid City we went out for dinner at a place called Fireside. It was located up in the Black Hills on an isolated road. It was a little spooky riding at night and we were warned about deer. There were other bikers on the road so we had company. It was recommended by the hotel staff and others. Great steak!! We then mapped out our travel through the Black Hills to Crazy Horse Mountain, Custer State Park, and Mount Rushmore using back roads. That was it for Saturday.

Today began cold and misty. We prepared our bikes for the route we had planned the night before. There was a 30% chance for afternoon showers forecasted. We saddled up and started out about 9:30AM. It would have been earlier but during breakfast we had a conversation with a paleontologist (dinosaur bone hunter as he called himself). There are a lot of fossils in this part of the country. Once we were on the road the weather began to clear. The day turned out to be sunny and in the low to mid 70s – perfect!

When we got to Custer State Park it was really funny to see the donkeys standing in the road. They were tame and allowed people to pet them. We saw bison and other wild life. Once leaving the park we went through an area where the rock formations were like needles. There were rock climbers there scaling them without gear. From there we went on to both Crazy Horse Mtn and Mt Rushmore. See gallery for the pictures of those great areas.

Well we are off to see Devil’s Tower tomorrow and head west toward Wyoming.

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