Red Mountain, CO (August 18, 2007)

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks – Day 2

Our trip from West Yellowstone began with a bright sunny day and a temperature of forty four degrees. Although it felt cool it was not uncomfortable. My heated seat and handgrips provided just the right amount of extra comfort. Once in the park I tuned my XM radio to channel 71, Watercolors. The sounds of smooth jazz playing softly in my helmet, the smell of the cold, crisp, lightly smoke filled air, the visual stimulation provided by park surroundings, and the smooth hum of my K1200GT’s engine - - - it couldn’t any get better than this. Rich called on the CB and asked, “What’s up?” I guess I hadn’t said anything for a while. We will do that frequently if we are out of visual contact just to make sure that we are both OK.

We arrived at Old Faithful around 10:15. A park ranger told us that an eruption was expected around 11:07. We stayed for the display and grabbed lunch at the visitor’s center. Next we were off to see the Grand Tetons.

I must say that these are the most majestic mountains that I’ve seen. In some areas they are over 10,000 feet tall. Their sharp jagged edges seem like inverted spikes. The smoke filled air again prevents us from getting good photos. We saw storm clouds and lightning in the direction toward our destination, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We put on our rain gear and headed out. By the time we got to the Jackson Hole Airport the rain stopped. We arrived at our hotel and began our quest for a great local restaurant. Tomorrow we will ride further south.

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